What is Shamanism, really?

Shamanism is a way of life. It’s a thousands of years old practice that has its roots in Siberia. The word „shaman“ comes from the Tungu language and translates to „the one who keeps the fire“ or „the one who sees“. It relates to the spiritual leader of the community, who heals the ill, mediates between the spiritual world and humans, divines outcomes and performs rituals. They help people to keep their „inner fire“ alive, align with their fiery passions and overcome „heat“ in the body in forms of illnesses.

A shaman in the truest sense of the word is the person who is deeply connected to nature, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and spirit. In other words – to all that is. They have a heightened intuition, as well as heightened senses, usually beyond average, eben though these qualities can be developed over years of training.

What is a Shaman?

A shaman is either initiated through their lineage, or is called by „spirit“. That often includes going through a form of shamanic illness that no Western medicine can cure, and therefore the newly initiate has to find ways to heal herself. Which at the same times helps her develop supernatural healing, seeing and sensing abilities.

Nontheless, since shamanism is empirical and practical, and simply a way of reconnecting us to our true nature, it is rather a „tool“ than a religion or spiritual practice. And a tool that can be learned by anyone. Shamanism is always about empowerment, personal strength and maintaining a healthy lifestyle based on universal principles.

What is a Shaman’s Life like, really?

Shamans, even though very gifted and in charge of a lot of responsibility for their community, usually have a „normal“ life completely integrated in society. They are mothers, workers, sisters, shop keepers, you name it. To keep both feet firmly rooted on the ground, they continue their „normal“ life just as everyone else, because they are still human, just like everyone else. For a long time, for example, I was teaching yoga and gave healing sessions at the side. Now I lead cacao ceremonies and offer relationship coaching, and bring shamanic principles into both.

Shamanism reminds us of our connection to nature, and how healing time away from society in nature can be. According to shamanism there is a herb for any illness. This knowledge is found in many ancient cultures, not only the shamanic ones, when humans were closer to nature, and intuitively used herbs in herbal teas, soups, as tinctures, mud packages or herbal steams.

Can you do a Shamanic Journey without Plant Medicine?

Yes, absolutely. No plants, no smoke, no mirrors are needed to go on a shamanic journey and receive visions. Let’s clear this superstition once and for all. A shamanic journey starts by setting the space with an offering to spirit, such as lighting a candle and burning incense. A shaman often uses drumming or shaking a rattle to call on spirit into the space.

A journey starts with your personal power animal at a personal power spot (physically or imaginary), and a few ground rules on how to journey to other planes outside of time and space. Oftentimes a shamanic drum is used during the journey to establish a rhythmic pattern that makes it easier to drop in a Theta Brainwave state. However, any music that feels right for the practitioner can be used.

I lead shamanic journeys as part of my cacao ceremonies with complete newbies, with people who only have done Ayahuasca or Mushroom ceremonies to receive visions, and with experienced yogis and meditators. So far everyone had a splendid journey and received the insights they needed – in no more than 15 minutes.

What is Shamanic Healing?

I’ve work with shamans in Europe that give healing sessions based on the same principles. They recharge your power animal(s), cut cords, heal backwards in time, give advice on which herbs and crystals to use for a specific issue and bring the energy system into a state of relaxation and balance.

In two very specific cases that brought me out of balance, where Western medicine did nothing at all, the shamans worked over distance with me, recharged my power animals and I healed physically in a few days, after being ill for weeks before that.

Over the years I trained in many modalities including Core Shamanism, Tantra, Reiki (Master Level), many types of Bodywork, Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation, Dance, Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching and the Law of Attraction, so that I work in the same way now, while keeping both feet on the ground and always checking in: What’s truly happening in your life right now?

What is a Shamanic Journey with Plant Medicine for?

Shamanic journey with heavy plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo etc. were originally only reserved for the head shaman of the community to receive visions for the community. They are by no means rituals that the whole village takes part in, if it’s not for a very specific reason concerning the whole village.

Why? Because a shaman had to go through year-long trainings, vision quests and communion with spirit, to actually understand the visions, the 4 different levels of visions, and the meaning of the visions. Since the spiritual path brings in the devil in form of the spiritual ego, a lot of people who jump into „plant medicine“ without being ill (but lazy to do the uncomfortable to make themselves happy and find their purpose) and without being trained, they open the flood gates for spiritual delusions like no other.

Since „plant medicine“ journeys are a big capitalistic money making machine, they have been opened for people in the West to experience „something that feels real“, while neither giving the foundational training on how and when to work with plants, nor giving people the personal empowerment of knowing what to do with their visions without the shaman. A co-dependence is created like in any other toxic relationship where you freely hand over your power and inner knowing (available at ALL times) to another person „in charge“.

What are Shamanic Rituals?

Shamanic rituals can be offerings to spirit in forms of fruit, tobacco and flowers, or rituals for a specific purpose, such as a wedding, a womb blessing, birth, a deeper heart connection for lovers, for a good harvest, the energetic clearing of a „heavy“ or „difficult“ space, the blessing of a new space, and much more.

Shamanic rituals are always done with the highest intention in mind, the good for everyone involved and the spiritual protection from spirit by honouring the land, the plants and spirits that reside in a specific place.

Since a shaman sees beyond the normal 3D reality, she can advice you on what to do in order shift your energy, clear a space, bring in more abundance, better your relationships and the like.

It always comes back to love, connection and purpose.

What are the Tools of a Shaman?

Music has been the primary tool for shamans, to connect with the world outside of time and space, and to easily enter trance states. A trance state is when you are deeply relaxed and therefore open for spontaneous visions, insights and inner guidance.

Other tools being used are feathers to clear energy, crystals and herbs for healing, as well as smudging tools, such as palo santo, sage or organic incense sticks (copal blanco).

I particularly love these songs sung by women from Mexico.

Can you live like a Shaman without being a Shaman?

Yes, you can. If you are deeply connected to nature, animals, and other humans and understand that every action has a reaction, that honoring life is the most important, and that you should always trust your inner wisdom, you are close to it. If you use what nature gives you a food to keep your body, mind and spirit in optimal shape, follow your Soul’s calling aka your purpose, and spread good energy through doing it, you are an urban shaman.

I also noticed that we often pick physical workouts, dance routines or daily rituals that intuitively connect us with the energy of our power animal, therefore keeping our vibe high without even doing a shamanic journey. However, when we do fall off balance, a shamanic journey is the quickest way to get us back on track and make clear what we need to pay attention to.

I offer a shamanic rose rituals for couples (that they perform intuitively with their own guidance) to open the heart and connect more deeply on an energetic and emotional level. It’s very beautiful and brings everyone into clear presence. Participants are often surprised how powerful and „natural“ their inner knowing is, when asked to use a specific shaker, a feather or incense for their partner. You can also book a Shamanic Chakra Healing session with me.