Everything in life comes down to communication. It comes down to being honest with yourself, and expressing your needs, desires, wants, and boundaries.

A lot of problems that arise in relationships can be prevented when each person takes care of themselves and their mental, emotional, and physical health. A lot of problems can be prevented, by clearly expressing your hell yes and hell no. No more bending over backward to please the other (it backfires). And a lot of problems can be prevented by setting boundaries from the get-go, expressing non-negotiables, and checking in, if the other person is able to meet and respect these.

It comes down to having similar values, a similar life vision, and physical attraction. Not the other way around. When you lay the foundation to create a space of safety and trust that is grounded in real-life values (and not infatuation or ego pampering), you can rise high above with your partner. That’s when sensuality and sexuality can take on another level, and your relationship becomes a meditation with spirit.

Relationship Coaching For Couples

Sometimes all is going well, but you wonder, how can we go deeper, is there more to our relationship? Sometimes you want to express your desires, but don’t find the right words. Sometimes you hold back because you don’t want to step on your partner’s feet. Sometimes the physical attraction left, since life, stress, overthinking, and daily demands take over that create walls which kill intimacy.

Sometimes you just crave a deeper connection that goes beyond the physical! Sometimes you just want to be seen, heard, and understood with all the different parts of yourself (the inner child, the wild one, the lover, the business person, the friend).

And sometimes you just want to enter a relationship with your partner and with spirit, that is greater than what you have experienced so far! Transcending your 3D experiences of everyday life, to feel wild, free, and deeply connected.

If you read so far, excellent! I´m here to support you. Be it as your intimacy guide, as a mediator when the communication gets tough, or as your ceremonial space holder to open yourself to sacredness and divinity in love.

Relationship Coaching Sessions for couples include tools to:

• deepen intimacy
• consciously communicate
• enter a space of presence
• open the heart with a shamanic rose ceremony from Oaxaca
• dive into sensuality and embodiment
• practice tantra meditations to open energy channels
• drop from head to heart, body, and sacral
• learn to move energy with your partner
• do shadow work: express the repressed
• deepen trust, understanding, and connection
• establish love rituals to strengthen the connection
• give partner massages
All Coaching Sessions are tailored specifically to your needs

Relationship Coaching For Singles / In-between Relationships

Sometimes you are in-between relationships and get confused about what your heart and what your head tells you. Sometimes you are in a relationship and all is going well, yet you doubt it and self-sabotage.

Sometimes you wish for a partner to find you, but don´t know how to attract him/her or how to stay in a committed relationship with the right person. Sometimes relationships create so much drama, they distract you from your life purpose!

If you made it so far, excellent! I’m here to support you. Love can be messy, life can be messy, but there is a way for everything. Nothing that can’t be clarified.

Relationship Coaching Sessions for singles include tools to:

• gain clarity on what you feel vs think
• express needs and wants, values and non-negotiables
• decide on what you are ready to bring into your life
• communicate boundaries with ease
• discern between trauma bonding and love, infatuation and connection
• communicate consciously, authentically
• self-love meditations
• deepen intimacy before physical contact
All Coaching Sessions are tailored specifically to your needs

Send a message with all information regarding your situation, what specifically you are looking for and how long you’d like to commit.

Single sessions are recommended for a one-off situation that needs to be clarified. For couples or someone looking to attract the right partner, a process of 10 – 20 sessions is highly valuable. Try one session and see if you’d like to go further!