Healing Sessions to bring body, mind, and emotions into balance.

Abdominal MassageChi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang, also known as abdominal massage, is a healing modality from Thailand. It works on opening the energy channels and on activating acupressure points and cardinal lines in the body, to promote healthy flow of chi (life force energy), release emotional stress, massage and detox all inner organs, promote gut health, bring organs back into their natural position, and activate self-healing capabilities. In some cases, if the body has been prepared by yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle, the abdominal massage can have a psychedelic effect.

Chakra Kundalini Healing

A chakra kundalini healing session cleanses and aligns your chakras and your energy field, activates your intuition and inner wisdom, brings deep relaxation and expanded states of consciousness, as well as an increased sense of clarity, empowerment and self-confidence. A session can be booked for cord-cutting to exes or events from the past, for healing of feminine energy and the womb space, for clarity in a decision, for increased immunity, and any theme related to: work, the feeling of safety, creativity, self-expression, relationships, self-love, releasing of worry, spiritual connection.

In a short coaching afterwards, you can hear about the visions I received and the next steps to take, to keep body, mind and spirit in balance and sustain a lifestyle that’s in alignment with your Soul.