The Sacred Love Institute is an invitation to be:





Elevated – and


in Love. It’s a space to explore honest ways of self-love, relating with others, and deep communication that leads to real connection beyond the physical.

No games, no masks, no waiting. Being present with the other person and your own needs is the foundation to find the sacred space in the middle with another.

Relationship problems often go back to a lack of communication. A lack of expressed needs. And a lack of boundaries.

Sacred Love Institute is here to lay the foundation, bring in magical energy activation tools, partner meditations, and a return to the wild feminine and the empowered masculine!


Anna has been on a path to combine body, mind, and spirit for over 20 years. She spent 7 years in Asia, leading retreats, workshops and ecstatic dances. The last 2 years she stayed in the Himalayas close to the river Ganga, learning from a sage – simply sitting in presence and meditating in a holy cave. Lessons where not taught, they had to be understood by the way he demonstrated things.

Anna is an intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairknowing and clairaudient Master Healer, trained as a yoga teacher, Osho meditation facilitator, tantra guide, core shamanic practitioner, relationship coach, manifestation coach, bodyworker, kinesiologist as well as reiki master. She has her foot as much in the spiritual world, as in the 3D, and holds a degree in journalism and marketing. Next to her spiritual workshops and ceremonies she advises companies on aligned strategies, and DJ’s at parties.