What is this Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training about?

This is the most comprehensive Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training you will find, since it combines shamanic traditions with dance, meditation, relating games, and event facilitation. As you immerse yourself in the deep wisdom of ancient rituals and practices with the cacao plant, as well as modern techniques of embodiment and connection, you’ll not only learn powerful tools to guide group sessions, but connect with yourself on a whole new level.

Listen to a soothing Spiritual Playlist here.

This Cacao Facilitator Training serves as a journey into self-love and a connection to your purpose. It’s a leadership course that combines body, mind and spirit to make decisions from a place of wholeness. Anybody – from young to old – can join the course. In our four different modules you’ll learn immaculate tools about the forgotten art of relating from presence, connecting with spirit to stay centred in your heart, and tune into your body-consciousness – instead of listening to the demands of society.


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What is Raw Cacao and Why Cacao Ceremonies?

Cacao has been a conduit to connect to our heart and emotions since ancient Mayan and Aztek times. The Cacao plant helps to foster a strong spiritual connection, while staying grounded in the here and now. The plant supports you to become more embodied, to listen to your inner wisdom, quiet the mind, enhance intuition, and express yourself honestly and creatively.

The unique properties of cacao make it a gentle plant medicine that allows you to be more open to connections with others, while staying centred in your feelings, so you can express your needs and boundaries with ease.

What is included in this Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Training – Online?

You’ll learn 4 different modules to combine freely together, so that you can create Cacao Ceremonies that fit your unique personality. No matter if you like it upbeat and prefer cacao with ecstatic dance, or you love guided shamanic journeys with your power animal, interactive games to build connections, or journalling with the moon – after the Cacao Ceremony Facilitator training you can bring all these elements together.

You will leave the training inspired, creative and connected to your true Self, with a diverse range of tools in your hands to maintain balance in your life and guide powerful group sessions.

We will meet online on 5 week-ends (10 days in total) with 2 sessions each day. Each module is jam packed with condensed wisdom from facilitating retreats, workshops and 1:1 sessions internationally for the past ten years, as well as learning continuously with teachers in the field of mind, body, and spirit. Some sessions will be with an invited guest teacher.

Content of the Cacao Ceremony Online Training

36 Hours of Live Online Sessions in Total

4 Modules incl. Shamanism, Cacao History, Embodiment / Dance & Authentic Relating

• A Manual with all Practices

• Video Recordings available for 1 Year after Completion

Why choose this Online Cacao Facilitator Training?

The different workshops each week-end include elements of core shamanism, energy healing, relationship coaching, chakras, dance, meditation, bodywork, business, and DJing.

It’s the most comprehensive Cacao Facilitator Training that you can find online, which will not only benefit you to become a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator or enhance your existing skills as a yoga / movement / meditation teacher, energy healer or ecstatic dance DJ – but it will also bring you empowerment and a strong sense of purpose. I started leading cacao ceremonies and 5 elements dance sessions (JUST DANCE until you drop and bliss emerges naturally) in India weekly with up to 50 people, and took them from there to Germany, Sri Lanka, and Mexico.

Listen to a Just Dance Playlist here.


„Anna, thank you for the ceremony. It was the best ceremony I have experienced so far.“ – Ksenia (Ru)

„Thank you Anna for such a good guidance and having kept the space, the time, the rhythms and the flow fluent. Happy to have discovered a ceremony with relating games! I feel it’s a good mix.“ – Fabrice (Can)

„Thank you for a beautiful ceremony and for keeping an amazing space! Still at peace and connected.“ – Era (Swe)

What are the Benefits of this Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Training?

The elements taught in this Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training will seamlessly weave together to create unique group events, private sessions and personal meditations.

You will learn to connect to spirit, to your intuition, and to your guides, hold space for transformation, facilitate events that build friendships, open a space for love, and activate healing energies.

Module 1: Cacao History & Rituals & Opening Ceremony

Module 2: Space Setting & Shamanic Meditations

Module 3: Conscious Connection

Module 4: Embodiment & Dance

Bonus: Cacao Ceremony for the Group & Participants Ceremony

+ Homework incl. Manual for each Session

+ Playlists and Music Tipps to use for Ceremonies, Meditations, and Ecstatic Dance

When is the next Start Date?

Start Date: April 13th, 2024 – Online

Times will be 4 – 8pm CEST (Berlin), 9am – 1pm CT (Mexico City)

Module 1: April 13 / 14

Module 2: April 20 / 21

Module 3: May 04 / 05
Module 4: May 18 / 19

Bonus: June 01

Surprise: June 02

What is my Investment for the Cacao Facilitator Training?

777€ Regular Price (incl. 1:1 Coaching, Q&A, Event Facilitation)

633€ Early Bird till March 15th 2024


Payment plans available: 2 x 330€ Early Bird / 2 x 400€ Regular Price. Payments are done via Stripe or Paypal. Please send a message to once you booked via Paypal, so I can contact you. Paypal sometimes doesn’t provide your email.

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I can’t wait to welcome you in the training to immerse yourself in ritual, cacao, dance, embodiment, energy healing, connection and ancient shamanic practices!