Couples Therapy: 3 Best Ways to Deepen Your Relationship

Long-term relationships are not always sunshine and butterflies, especially when routine sets in, partners expectations change over time, and what first seemed like a never-ending attraction starts to fade away under stress, work requirements and outside circumstances that put pressure on the relationship. Novelty always feels exciting and uplifting, whereas a steading relationship requires commitment, …

What is Tantra – And what is it not?

Tantra asks us to embrace our own shortcomings, desires, and suppressed emotions – to integrate them. It also asks to tap fully into all of our senses: smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing, and feeling! This leads to the physical liberation of stuck energy, which in turn frees up parts of the subconscious mind to transform rigid …

Cacao in a cup on a wooden plate, with roses around it and a rose quartz in front of it

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a community event that brings people together to connect with their heart, ask themselves the deeper questions, and set an intention for their wildest dreams. It can be smooth and soft, accompanied by sound healing and a ritual to drink the ceremonial grade cacao, or wild and fantastic like an ecstatic …

What is Shamanism, really?

A shaman in the truest sense of the word is the person who is deeply connected to nature, the plant kingdom, and spirit. They have a heightened intuition, as well as heightened senses, usually beyond average, eben though these qualities can be developed over years of training.

What is Authentic Relating?

Authentic Relationships require you drop the blame game, be open to receive feedback, listen attentively to another person’s desires, vulnerabilities and boundaries, and respond in a way that’s respectful and well, human.